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Import-Export Opportunities in China

Import-Export Opportunities in China

China offers extraordinary growth opportunities to both parties; suppliers and importers. But only when they have figured out how to do business in a country that is vast and complex.

Tips for Conducting an Import or Export Business in China

  • Identify the market. 

There are enormous business opportunities in China, but it doesn’t mean that Chinese buyers are not focusing on those.

  • Understand the Chinese culture. 

Your home country’s and Chinese negotiation styles can be vastly different. Offer the business card with both of your hands and use a Mandarin or Cantonese greeting to earn their respect.

  • Leverage an existing relationship. 

Work with a company which has dealt with China. Be acknowledged that international marketing partnerships only matter in Asia when you build relationships and work directly with your partner's local staff.

Follow these steps when you commence your business in China

  • Be flexible with the rules in a way that benefits you

Most rules can be modified for special situations or people. If one is persistent, has endurance and is patient, one is more likely to affect the outcome.

  • Reveal your stride. 

Catch up with the potential partners over lunch and dinner are also occasions to recognize the slower stride of Chinese business. Be patient and flexible with meals in China they are longer than average. The time you spend with people may bring you business opportunities.

  • Be polite. 

Politeness and respect is crucial. Chinese do not like to deal with people who do not respect their lifestyle and business norms. Do not rush to reveal your perceptions of politics and government either, unless they are very close friends of yours.

  • Create desirability. 

Building a large and profitable presence in China requires high quality products which are affordable t purchase in bulk. It is crucial to create a desirability over your products. You must identify your customers to determine what products create the greatest consumer appeal and suits the local market the most.

Doing business in China is not a piece of cake but if you will learn how to satisfy the Chinese, your efforts will be rewarded with the acquisition of a powerful, lifelong trading partner.


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